in-person worship service every Sunday!

Service starts at 10 AM

in-person worship service every Sunday!

Service starts at 10 AM

Welcome to the mission church!

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Welcome to The Mission Church!

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Welcome to the Mission Church!

Facility Usage GUidelinesSermons

Thank you for your interest in The Mission Church! Our website exists to help you understand the mission and vision God has given us for ministry as well as the practical ways we seek to live out that stated mission and vision.

Taken from the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, we see our mission as “Loving God, by loving others, helping them to become fully functioning followers of Christ Jesus.” In other words, TMC is all about coming alongside people, helping them discover faith in Jesus, experience real-life transformation through Jesus, and join Jesus in His mission. This is the pathway we travel in our efforts to help people discover Christian discipleship.

As you engage in our Next Steps process, you will meet key members of our ministry team who will introduce you to what TMC offers you and how you can become a vital part of what God is doing here.

Again, thank you for taking a closer look at TMC, and as always, please do not hesitate to ask any question or let us know how we can assist you and your family in becoming stronger followers of Jesus Christ.

Mike Rose

Senior Pastor

New City Catechism

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Necessary Conversations

Join us July 18th through August 15th as Pastor Mike takes us on a journey to discover the biblical responses to Racism, LGBTQIA+, Life, & Politics.

Please come on Friday, August 6 at 11:00 AM to the return of the TMC State Fair!  You won’t want to miss this event!  Games, talent show, bingo, prizes, food, and fun all for the cost of your choice!  This event is for all ages. If your schedule is open, you should join us!  
Grandparenting summit

Save the date and make plans to join us for two full days of encouragement, equipping, and teaching aimed at helping you become a more intentional grandparent.

Resources & Opportunities

2021 TMC Devotional

In 2021, we will be doing a church-wide devotional through the New City Catechism book. It contains 52 weekly devotions centered around a question-answer format for learning Christian doctrine. Each week includes a passage of Scripture, commentary, and an original prayer. The catechism also has a free smartphone app, online web version, kids version with songs, and more!

What’s Going On