in-person worship service every Sunday!

Service starts at 10 AM

in-person worship service every Sunday!

Service starts at 10 AM

The Men of Faith Conference is FREE for any man to attend and will include 3 new video teaching sessions from Dr. Paul Tripp. The three sessions revolve around the idea that men of faith are: 1) Tender 2) Fearless and 3) Thankful. 

This conference is unique in that it has been designed for men of all ages and even includes relevant content and discussion guides for all men, even dads with sons who want to attend together! Every participant will receive a note-taking guide that comes with discussion questions for each session, Scripture references for additional reading, practical suggestions for application, and conversation starters for young men.  

This conference will have relevant biblical teaching, opportunities to meet other men, small group discussions after each session, lunch provided, free “book bundle” giveaways, a hospitality bar with snacks and drinks, games during the breaks, and more!





New Date: Saturday, May 15, 2021

Same Time: 9 -2 PM


The Mission Church
12001 Ridgemont Drive
Urbandale, IA 50323


3 Main Sessions by Paul Tripp
3 Small Group discussions
3 breaks (including lunch)





While there is no cost to attend, we do ask that everyone registers so we can have adequate amounts of food, resources, and seating. Seating is limited, so register today!


Lunch will be hamburgers, hot-dogs, chips, veggies, fruit, drinks, and dessert.

There will also be a “hospitality bar” available to you throughout the day that will be stocked with snacks, granola bars, fruit, bottled water, and more. Soda will available for purchase for 50 cents as well.



In addition to the teaching from Paul Tripp, you will be assigned to a small group in order to participate in small group discussions following each of the three sessions. (If you are a dad attending with your son, you will not be separated).

Why small groups?

We want to equip you to not only be hearers of the Word but also doers of the Word (James 1:22). In addition, Jesus teaches very clearly that wise people hear His words and put them into practice (Luke 6:46-49) and what good would it be to come to a conference to simply hear something without wrestling with how it applies to your life? We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and dialogue with the men in your group about what you’re learning, what God is teaching you, and what you’re going to do about it after the conference is over.

Conference theme

Three Qualities Of Every Man

This is not your stereotypical men’s conference. Get ready to be surprised, encouraged, challenged, and inspired. You will discover that:

Men Of Faith Are Fearless

Being a man of faith will result in fear-free living, even in the face of hardship. Learn how to live with unshakable courage, not because you are physically strong, but because God is with you.

Men Of Faith Are Tender

Being a man of faith does not produce macho bravado, but rather a tender heart. Learn how to treat others with the same compassion and mercy you have received from God.

Men Of Faith Are Thankful

Being a man of faith replaces an entitled, demanding with humility and gratitude. Learn how to celebrate the blessings of God and bring joy to the people around you.