in-person worship service every Sunday!

Service starts at 10 AM

in-person worship service every Sunday!

Service starts at 10 AM

Adult Ministry

Pursuing Transformation in Christ

Thanks for your interest in Adult Ministries at TMC! We believe that every person should be experiencing real-life transformation in Christ. In order to facilitate that process, we have designed all of our Adult Ministry opportunities around four core dynamics that you’ll read about below.

I look forward to helping you connect and experience an imperfect yet genuine community. If there’s anything I can do to serve you, or answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Be sure to check out the Resources as well!

Brett Ricley

Associate Pastor of Discipleship & Adult Ministries

Every disciple is a disciple-maker.

We believe that Jesus’ last words must be our first priority. We also believe that The Great Commission is a command, not an option. If you’re looking for a church that takes disciple-making seriously, we look forward to inviting you into the journey and equipping you to be disciple-maker!

Why the emphasis on Disciple-making?

We believe that making disciples is our primary mandate from Jesus and the core ministry of The Mission Church. While we’re certainly not perfect, we desire to become a disciple-making church in the years to come.  In July 2019, Pastor Mike and Pastor Brett preached a six-week sermon series on disciple-making. That sermon series is called The Supremacy of Disciple-MakingTo watch those sermons, click here.

Immediately following that sermon series, we offered a 4-week Disciple-making Workshop where Pastor Brett trained the congregation using practical and simple tools combined with a clear plan. The Disciple-Making Workshop is offered at least once a year. Watch the 2019 Disciple-making Workshop

What is a disciple?

We desire to see the day when every disciple is fully functioning and using their God-given gifts and abilities to engage the lost, share the gospel, make disciples, be the Church, and multiply! To do that, we must first have a biblical definition of what a disciple is.

We find the most concise biblical definition for a disciple in Matthew 4:19 in which Jesus says, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

In this invitation from Jesus, we see the precise definition of a disciple that includes three parts. Therefore, a biblical disciple is:

  • following Jesus [Follow Me]
  • being transformed by Jesus [and I will make you] 
  • joining Jesus in His mission [fishers of men]

This definition provides clarity as well as a simple understanding of what it means to be a disciple. Also, this definition helps us understand another essential truth that every disciple is a disciple-maker — no exemptions, no excuses.

What is disciple-making?

We desire to see the day when every disciple is fully functioning and using their God-given gifts and abilities to engage the lost, share the gospel, make disciples, be the Church, and multiply! To do that, we must first have a biblical definition of what disciple-making is.

The New Testament has numerous examples of disciple-making from key leaders in the Church at that time (Peter, James, John, Paul, and Peter).

From their example, we see timeless truths that inform our definition of disciple-making:

  • intentionally entering into relationships with people to help them follow Jesus, be transformed by Jesus, and join Jesus in His mission.

Therefore, disciple-making is all about Jesus. We’re not making disciples of us – we’re making disciples of Jesus! 

current disciple-making rhythms

In order to stay focused on the mandate from our Master, we have implemented a few rhythms to our disciple-making efforts:

1. We encourage every believer to be engaged in a one on one relationship with someone of the same gender. The purpose of these one on one relationships is simple: prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and accountability. The primary tool that we provide for this is One to One Bible Reading by David Helm. This simple guide teaches you how to study the Bible with someone else. Additional disciple-making resources can be found here.

2. We provide a monthly gathering to encourage and equip our congregation to stay engaged in intentional disciple-making. This monthly gathering is called the Disciple-Making Cohort.

This monthly Cohort meets every third Monday at 6:30 PM at The Mission Church. The Cohort is for anyone and everyone from The Mission Church who desires to make disciples. Participants can come together be encouraged, share their stories, work through barriers, and be further equipped to pursue making disciples for the long run. No prior experience, education, or classes are required. Not everyone has the same next step, but we all have a step to take. 


We believe that every disciple of Jesus must experience real-life transformation in Christ. Therefore, we value personal transformation more than mere participation. However, we know that both are not mutually exclusive, and to facilitate an atmosphere of real-life transformation, we try to make sure every group and gathering is biblical, relational, intentional, and reproducible.


We believe the Bible is not only without error but that it is also entirely sufficient for everything we need for life and godliness.


We believe God created us to be in community with others. Healthy relationships with other believers should be encouraging and mutually edifying.



We believe that everything we do should be focused, purposeful, and fit within our stated purpose to make disciples.


We believe that effective disciple-making involves simple and reproducible methods that any disciple can learn, apply, and pass on to others.

Opportunities to be in community

Prayer Gathering

Monthly Corporate Prayer

Every second Sunday of the month we gather in the Worship Center from 8:30 – 9:30 A.M. to praise God for what He is doing through us, to ask for His direction and provision, and to seek His will for the future. These prayer gatherings are usually led by one of our elders, staff, or church leaders.

Adult Bible Fellowships

Weekly Bible Classes


A variety of Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF) meet every Sunday morning. In addition to studying God’s word, each ABF class have become a place to find deeply rooted community. 

All ABF classes are open to anyone and they meet at 8:45 A.M. on Sunday mornings in the northwest and northeast parts of the building.


Life Groups

Life-on-Life Ministry

Life Groups exist to foster biblical, relational, intentional, and reproducible environments that lead to real-life transformation in Christ.

Meeting weekly or bi-weekly, most Life Groups consist of 8-14 people who study, fellowship, pray, serve, and generally “do life” together. Most are multi-generational and some even share a meal together.

Following Jesus is a challenging adventure not intended to be pursued alone. Find the encouragement, support, and accountability it will take to grow in Christ by joining a Life Group. Fill out this form to start the process! 

MEn's MInistry

Men on Mission


Our Men’s Ministry exists to help men follow Jesus, be transformed by Jesus, and join Jesus in His mission.

Monthly Men’s Breakfast – Every third Saturday of the month (September – May) the men gather for a Men’s Breakfast at The Mission Church in the Community Room from 8 – 9:30 A.M. This not only provides a time of fellowship and connection with all the men of the church, but it will also be a time of intentional equipping, training, and teaching from one of our pastors or leaders.

One on One – Our men are encouraged to meet weekly or bi-weekly one on one or in small groups for an intentional time in prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. We believe that real-life transformation takes place when men are studying God’s Word within the context of a relational environment and seeking to apply the truth of God’s Word to their lives in practical ways while receiving accountability from others.

We hope to see men engaging with each other regularly so they grow in godly character, accountability, and disciple-making.

Our Men’s Ministry is primarily led by a Strategic Leadership Team currently made up of three men. If you’re interested in getting plugged, volunteering, or have any questions, please feel free to the team at


Women on Mission

Our Women’s Ministry is focused on serving women in order to help them follow Jesus, be transformed by Jesus, and join Jesus in His mission. There are many groups, gatherings, events, and initiatives within the women’s ministry that will provide a place for you to follow Jesus, be transformed, and join Jesus in His mission:

Mentoring is one intentional way we encourage women to be growing in their relationship with Christ. Mentors are matched with other women who desire another woman to pour into their lives in meaningful ways.

Bible Studies are a staple of the women’s ministry and multiple studies are offered year-round.

Circles on Mission provide opportunities for women to serve our missionaries, single-parent households, senior saints, and through various community and church outreach initiatives. We encourage spiritual growth and fellowship through our monthly meetings, Bible study, and prayer. We’d love to have you join us!

The Women’s Ministry is primarily led by a Strategic Leadership Team that is currently made up of seven women. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Women’s Ministry leadership team at

Stephen Ministry

For People, Through People

Stephen’s Ministry equips lay people to provide confidential, one-on-one Christian care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

Stephen Ministers are specially trained to provide emotional and spiritual care when someone is faced with a crisis such as: loss of a loved one, hospitalization, divorce or separation, spiritual crisis, unemployment, terminal illness, incarceration, aging, birth/adoption/miscarriage or infertility, chronic illness, relocation, recovery after an accident, and many more.

If you or someone you know would like to receive care from one of our Stephen Ministers, please contact our Stephen Ministry Leadership team.

Young Adults

The Young Adult group is currently meeting on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM. The group is led by other young adults, is studying the book of Romans, and meets in various locations across the city.

To connect or learn more, click here.

Do you want to be an intentional grandparent?

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