in-person worship service every Sunday!

Service starts at 10 AM

in-person worship service every Sunday!

Service starts at 10 AM

Mission Youth

Helping Students Take One Step Closer to Jesus

Hi, I’m Adam, the Youth Pastor for The Mission Church. Here at Mission Youth we are striving to introduce the next generation to a living God, connect them to a biblical community, and empower them to live a Christ centered life. What that means is that we want to help each student we interact with to take one step closer to Jesus.  That looks different for each student.  Whether it’s by accepting Jesus as their Savior, attending our Wednesday Night Gathering, committing to a Student Life Group, or being intentional in discipleship with one of our awesome leaders – our goal is to meet each student where they are at, and help them take one step closer to being a fully functioning follower of Jesus.

I want to encourage anyone visiting this page to get browse around, get to know our ministry, and seriously consider how you can help in seeing the next generation take one step closer to Jesus.  

Adam Evans

Youth Pastor

As a Ministry



  1. We are all about making disciples of Jesus Christ, and we believe that relationships are the backbone to growing in our faith. We are striving to reach every student in the Des Moines area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
  2. Helping our students grow in their relationship with Christ. To do this we offer distinct programming for both Junior and Senior High groups, while strategically mixing the two as a way for older students to act as “big brothers and sisters.”
  3. Empowering our families to live for Christ.We prioritize partnering with parents. God has ordained parents/guardians as the primary disciple-makers of their kids and the role of the church is to support that effort to the best of our ability. We love parents helping in a variety of ways and encourage frequent communication between parents and leaders/staff.







Summer Bible Study - In The Backdoor


Have you ever wondered how all the different books of the Bible all go together? Have you ever wondered how the Old and New Testaments sync up?  Or even why the Bible contains so many geneologies? Join us over the Summer, on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, to see how the Bible is one story from one author!


We think it is vitally important that each student be involved in the discipleship process in some way. Below you will find links to some discipleship material. After going through one of these books, you will be able to disciple another person! We’d love for you to join our discipleship revolution. Print off the books, grab a friend, or two, and some coffee, and dig into God’s Word!

Book 1: Getting to Know Christ

Book 2: Growing in Christ

Book 3: Maturing in Christ

Book 4: Ministering in Christ





Click the button below to view and download our 2021 Summer calendar! Have all the important dates in one location! You won’t want to miss these events!

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