Join us for Our Weekend Service!

Every Sunday at 10:00am!

Join us for our Weekend Service!

Every Sunday at 10:00am!


SERMON Resources

We preach expository sermons here at TMC. Expository preaching essentially means that we preach and teach verse by verse through a book of the Bible in order to help believers observe, interpret, and apply the timeless truth of God’s Word to their personal lives in a holistic manner.

To further equip you in your daily walk with Jesus, we provide find two important resources every week:

1. A weekly Sermon Note Guide from Pastor Mike Rose (or whoever is preaching). This note guide helps you follow along with the main points of the sermon each Sunday while also becoming a resource you can keep and reference later. We provide physical copies of this each Sunday at the Welcome Center (West entrance) and in each entrance area of the Worship Center. You are also welcome to print them out at home and bring it with you each Sunday.

2. A weekly Sermon Discussion Guide. This resource is universally applicable for personal or group study and is created each week, in conjunction with the sermon text, by Pastor Brett Ricley. This study guide is intended to help you dig deeper into the text after hearing the sermon. It is also intended to help you follow Jesus, be transformed, and join Jesus in His mission in practical ways. We hope and pray that you’ll follow the wise instructions of Jesus in Matthew 7:24-27 to hear His words and put them into practice this week.